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Memberships | Discover Dimondale


Dimondale, Michigan 48821

Denise Parisian, President

Steve Killingsworth, Vice President

Michelle Rogers, Secretary

Bob Sheap, Treasurer


“We joined the Dimondale Business Association a few years ago and immediately felt welcomed into the community. I learn something new and beneficial at every meeting! The professional connections are priceless and I’ve established working relationships with several members to collaborate on projects to serve my constituents professionally and charitably. This is an active group where every member benefits!”
Dr. John Girdwood, MSA
Executive Director, Holt Community Foundation


Networking and business relationships

Professional organization (to administer and drive activities, etc.)

Economic development support

Free website listing and social media promotion

Local advertising and marketing opportunities

Voting rights for all members

Community event sponsorship opportunities

SBAM Membership for 2023