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Green Peak Industries | Business Partners | Discover Dimondale

Green Peak Industries

Contact: Ember Olsen
Work 10070 Harvest Park Dimondale Michigan 48823 United StatesWebsite: Skymint Brands


Photo of Green Peak Industries

We used to be called Green Peak Innovations—but we felt that didn’t capture our spirit, our passion or our true expertise in creating the best cannabis brands the world has ever known.

When it comes to cannabis, we think bigger. We are devoted to creating and curating the best cannabis brands in the business. Brands that can scale, brands customers will love and be loyal to for years to come, brands built to last.

How do we do it? We know our customer and our craft better than anyone else. We’re retail experts who are passionate about our emerging industry. Our products and our brands are crafted with care and developed thoughtfully and passionately with partners, growers, and farmers we can trust.

Vision Statement

The Vision of the Dimondale Business Association is: To create an atmosphere in Downtown Dimondale which attracts residents and visitors to explore, enjoy, and ultimately shop at our stores.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Dimondale Business Association is: To pool our members’ experience, knowledge, and resources as we strive to sustain a vital business climate, promote positive economic growth and benefit the community as a whole.